Waterproof Case: Perfect Summer Accessory

One of the greatest fears a smartphone owner has is getting their device wet.  Most everyone has heard one horror story or another about the disaster that is dropping you phone in the toilet, or having a little too much fun at the bar and having a drink spilled on their device. When you are deciding on the waterproof case, you want to take a few major thing into consideration such port access, charging ports and headphone jacks, and the ability to hear you speakers, both the loudspeaker and the ear speaker. We have the perfect waterproof case here at shopphonefancy.com that offers total protection from water, snow, dirt and drops, screen less technology, perfect clarity and complete access to all ports and controls. Submersible to over 6.6 ft deep and survives drop impacts from over 6.6 ft high & Interaction Approved – Our specialized ultra-clear screen protector provides the maximum display resolution with no interference to touchscreen responsiveness. It also protects your touchscreen from scratches, marks, and scrapes. The case with kickstand would be a wonderful tool for you to enjoy the video without your hands holding on.


Once you’ve made your purchase there are a few thing you should do. Before you put your device into the case you should first put it together and submerge it in water for 30 minutes then take it out and check to see if there is water inside of the case.  This is to ensure that all of the seals are working probably and the case is actually watertight.  Another thing to keep in mind is that if this is a case that you are going to use daily, you should put it on and keep it on. Every time that you take the case on and off, it compromises the seal and makes it less and less watertight. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be able to be worry free as you enjoy you smartphone while on you next beach vacation.