Insurance or Repair?

You are at your carrier, having just picked out your new top of the line smartphone, and they are now working their hardest to get you to purchase the insurance plan. Because of how expensive smartphone are nowadays, insurance is usually a good choice. The way most phone insurance works is that you pay a monthly fee for the service and in the event that you have to make a claim you then have to pay a deductible. For most top of the line devices this deductible can range anywhere from $120-$200. Since most policies limit the number of times you can make a claim in a year, you have to be strategic in when you use them.  If it is a software issue or water damage, using your insurance is a good idea. If the screen  is broken or one of your buttons is not working, taking it to a repair stop like us here at Phone Fancy Repairs is a better idea. You’ll get your same phone back quickly and can save your claim for something that isn’t fixable.